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Eyefinity with no DVI on the monitors?

Hello all,

I am running a HD6970 with eyefinity and 3 monitors.

My problem is with 2 monitors that are connected with DVI to HDMI cable's that are not viewing in full screen.

The displayport screen is full screen and fine.

All 3 seem to have the same resolution, but the two are shrunk. (I have about a 2" black boarder around both HDMI desktops.)

The monitors I am running are Asus VE248, 24". There are NO DVI connections, just VGA, HDMI and displayport.

I know about the Displayport requirement for 3 monitors to work, but do I also need to have a direct DVI to DVI connection?

Thanks in advance,
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    Just go into CCC and check the monitor setup. There's options for screen scaling and such.
  2. Fixed. Thank you!

    I used this when I was trying to figure it out but was clicking on the blue screen's instead of the monitor.

    Thanks again,
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