$2k Gaming Rig

So I'm coming home from a deployment and I'll be gifting myself my first true gaming PC.

End goal is to clip along in ultra settings in all the high-end games in eyefinity playing on my three 23" monitors.

If you'll see the link below you can take a gander at my build and let me know what should be tweaked. My biggest fear is creating a bottle neck in the system somewhere.


The second big use for this PC will be for ripping DVD's and converting their format. That's why I included the secondary DVD drive along with the Blu-Ray drive. I RIP a lot . . .

I have plenty of storage on a HTPC that will house all my media. So I'm not in need of much space on this new one.

Would love any critique on this build as I'm going to be spending a good amount on it. So I'd love to get it right the first time.

Hopefully I did good! But I'd love to hear from the masses if anything should be added or if something is simply just overkill to the 3rd degree.
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  1. OCZ is notorious for failure and firmware problems. Get the Mushkin Chronos. It is $80 cheaper. Use that $ on a 120 Hz monitor.
  2. All you need is a CPU Cooler
  3. Ahh I picked one out. Forgot that link for it though. All the coolers on newegg have bad reviews for the 2011 socket type. Most are bad fits or too big it seems. Had to find one on coolermaster.com
  4. The OCZ Vertex 3 comes with a mounting bracket.
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