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Did some research and couldent find the awnser. What "latest" GPU could this board support GA-870A-UD3? Want to upgrade to 7000 series ati cards for this current pc. Thanks
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  1. The board will support any PCI-Express graphics card. The question is will your power supply handle the new card.
  2. 750W
  3. My current case with this setup is horrible and want nzxt phantom case along with 7970-7950, would all the extra fans with the case that mine dont have push my 750w psu? i wouldent mind having a 1000w
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    You should be able to run any graphics card you want as long as it is a decent 750w unit. Since that board does not support Crossfire/Sli you don't have to worry about multiple graphics cards but 750w would run 2 x 7950s in Crossfire if your baord had the capability.
  5. You can run a single 7970 on a good 550w power supply. 1000w is for dual or even triple card setups.
  6. This might be interesting. Note that the graphs show TOTAL system power not just the graphics card. Alot of people dramatically overpower their systems.
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  8. I thought theres no such thing as "overpower"??
  9. Not in the sense that it hurts anything except your wallet.

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