Upgrading graphics card but im unsure...

Graphics Card : 1GB ATI RADEON HD4650
PSU : Corsair 550W 41A on +12V
Proccessor: AMD Phenom 9650 Quad Core 2.3GHz x 4 (overclocked 2.6)
OS: Windows Vista 32 bit
RAM: 4 Gig ddr2
Motherboard : Asrock K10N78M
TFT Monitor: 19" HannsG HW191D Widescreen VGA/DVI

hey guys im upgrading my monitor because it only supports 1440 x 900...and im also upgrading my graphics card because it sucks...

Ive decided to go for the HD RADEON 6770 1GB....do you guys think this is a good idea or could i do better with my PSU?

Ive looked around on different websites and there are lots of variations...could someone please point me in the right direction i just want the best value for money , but i dont wanna buy a cheaper version and it not perform aswell ? hoping to order the GPU in the next 24 hours =) EXCITING :)

thanks guys!

oh hoping to be able to play Aion in maxxed out graphics...its all i want in life :) is my CPU capable of that ? thanks :)
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  1. if this is your motherboard you could upgrade the cpu if you want but since the one you got is a 4 core will just go for graphic and screen if you want bigger
  2. dont really understand what you mean...
  3. With a Corsair 550 Watter (Depending on its age) you can stick anything upwards of a GTX 570 without worrying. Your CPU is a little dated, but you shouldn't have severe problems with bottlenecking. Would be better if you can get that guy to 3.0GHz. Not very familiar with how the original Phenoms fared. If I remember correctly they ran hot but that's about all I can remember.

    With your resolution and you wanting to max things out a GTX 570 will do that for quite some time. A GTX 560 Ti should do the job as well, and would be where I would go with your current monitor. You could also go the 6850 or 6870 route as well. The 6770 is pretty darn slow if you want to 'max' games, even at your rez.

    If you wanted to go all out and keep most of your system you could:
    1.) Get a bigger monitor
    2.) Upgrade your CPU (High end Phenom II's are really cheap, but getting rarer by the minute)
    3.) Then get a GTX 570-580 or a AMD 6950-6970
  4. Your older CPU is a Phenom I, which is not exactly a speed demon. The good news is, you have a solid PSU, which will run a more powerful graphics card, and, you can put a more powerful CPU on your mobo too.
    The bad news is in two parts. First, AM3 CPUs are getting scarce, although for less than $100, you can still get a Phenom II X4 925. If you're on a tight budget, that wouldn't be a terrible thing to do, because the second piece of bad news is that AMD is now outperformed across the board (i.e. in all price segments), by Intel. Read the recent article on sub-$200 CPUs. Having built mostly budget AMD rigs over the last couple of years, it pains me (a little; I'm a value fanboy, not an AMD fanboy, but I'm a little disappointed) to say that, but it's the undeniable truth. If your budget is bigger, it would make more sense to build a new system around an Intel CPU.
    ...but there's more good news. Even though your current system would bottleneck something like a HD6850, you wouldn't be wasting your money, because you could move that card into a new PC if you have the budget to rebuild. Put the original HD4650 back, and pass the old one along to a family member.
  5. Thanks alot guys for the huge replies :D much much appreciated

    In my current financial circumstances....not been working very long with my new job and my priorities set on buying a car and insuring it, looks like ill just have to upgrade parts to get the best results...

    I was under the impression my PSU could only run safely a HD 6770 at most but it seems not, so ive had a look through the graphics cards you suggested and the 6950 is proberly just out of my price range, is there any maybe a little bit less but with decent performance ? i may just go with the 6950 but it will cost me an arm and a leg at the moment

    So i understand, after doing some research , my CPU , is pretty weak for high end gaming, i thought, with my motherboard, i could put any CPU on it ? AMD, INTEL ? is it compatible with all manufacturers....

    im going to purchase this monitor

    Iiyama ProLite E2208HDS-B 22" Widescreen LCD Monitor

    I would much prefer to build a computer from scratch, but i cant find a website that will accept me on finance xD...

    and if i upgraded to a suggested GPU , and purchased a new monitor, would the bottleknecking come from my CPU ? only have a rough idea of what bottleknecking is...

    thanks guys much appreciated, was hoping to purchase the GPU today but ill hang around for a reply thanks!
  6. A HD6870 or GTX560 would be stronger than a HD6850, and would run on your PSU.
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