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My friend own a Dell XPS 15 l501X laptop. He played games like GTA4 ad Alan Wake. Recently he started playing Saints Row The Third and the problem occurred was game freezes after 5 minutes of running the he have to press CTR+ALT+DELETE the he has to close the game from task manager. this happen every time. And the game is fine because it ran flawless on his desktop. this problem dozen t happen with others game like alan wake, Mass effect 3, Gta4, Assassins Creed Revelation, Battle Field Bad Company 2, all these games Ran flawless on his Laptop but saints row is giving this problem. we have almost tried every thing but nothing happen. But saints row 2 ran without any problem o his laptop. Guys plz suggest any solution.

His Laptop Specification are

*Core i5 M460
*NVIDIA Geforce GT 420m
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  1. Have you or yor friend checked to see whether any patches have been released for the game? It might not have anything to do with the computer itself.
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