PM awarding new badge but that badge does not appear?

Just wondering....

I got a new message in December that I received a new Admiral badge for being a member for 3 years yet, when I look at my profile, it does not show up.

This week I submitted a new avatar that was approved and I immediately got a Uniformed badge which appeared immediately (along with a PM stating I received it) so it's got me wondering what happened to that Admiral badge.

What's up with that? Is this a bug?
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    Go to Tom's Guide and look in their forum.It will be there!
  2. Welcome to the joys of Toms multiple similar, seemingly identical, yet not totally in sync mirrors.

    Badges in particular are especially glitchy when it comes to mirrors, if you get bounced between the UK and US mirror you can start getting badges you thought you already had(you did on one mirror but not the other)

    As area51 said, its likely in the tom's guide portion and not on the tom's hardware section of the site.
  3. Oh for crying out loud. Like I've ever logged in to Tom's Guide.....! Yet there it is. Interesting. I don't think I've ever looked at much less logged in at Tom's Guide. I always come to Tom's Hardware. Very curious.

    Honestly I really only come here for very targeted information (for when I absolutely can't figure something out on my own - especially with the Gigabyte motherboards I buy) and recall only logging in for the Gigabyte forum. So I can see where it might have been easy to miss "guide" versus "hardware"

    Oh well, like I said, it wasn't really important but I was just wondering. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction and for the quick replies.

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  5. My Capt. badge is there too.Have no idea why!
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