Bad psu?

OK so here is the situation. I recently purchased three new parts for my computer. A new case, a new video card, and more importantly a new psu. The psu is an antech 650w true power. I transferred the contents of my old case which includes: a pegatron motherboard, an HD radon 4770, an i5 processor, and an SD card reader. Once I had transferred everything over I plugged in the new power supply and it seemed good. Everything powered on, but soon shut down only to power back on and repeat the process. However when I remove the new power supply and plug in my old one with the exact same connections it works fine. So my question is this.why would the new psu supply power but cause a loop while the old one works fine.
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  1. If u have connected all the cables correctly, I would say it is the PSU.

    They do go bad, even new ones. Even the good ones.
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