Rate my rig? :)

Hey guys, can you rate my rig by current day standards? I feel as if I'm a little dated on my hardware currently. Also, are there any bottlenecks I should be worried about?

Core i7 860 @ 2.8ghz | GTX 285x2 SLI | EVGA P55V | 8GB Mushkin DDR3 | Corsair TX 850w | 1TB Western Digital 7200RPM 32MB cache
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  1. your rig is well balanced.a bit out dated but i hope still it can play most of the games at high/ultra settings.collect some cash and build a new one if you want.your ram,psu,hdd and may be case is fine.$1200-$1500 upgrade would be really great.
  2. Hi there, for gaming you're probably roughly equivalent to a core i5-2300 running SLI GTX 460 768mb (except in ram-limited games in which you might push closer to SLI GTX 460 1gb). That would be a best-case scenario though, given that:

    1. SNB is faster than Lynnfield clock for clock
    2. Hyper-threading doesn't count for much in games
    3. Either GTX 460 is likely to be slightly faster than a GTX 285 and two of them probably scale better.

    Still, your rig is still very respectable. Given how much your rig must have cost you back in the day, I'm guessing you're also gaming at a respectable resolution, in which case your CPU won't hold you back, although your video ram might. If you're gaming at 1920, a single GTX 580 would probably only give you equivalent performance. If you're gaming at 2560 you might benefit from more power but you'd need to spend a LOT to get enough to make it worth your while at this stage.
  3. Actually! Im running max resolution on my monitor at 1680x1050 so Im guessing that might be a little weak? lmao! But I did manage to run into this benchmark here actually comparing my gtx285's to a single gtx480 without the DX11 which I can live without I suppose http://www.anandtech.com/bench/Product/167?vs=158 :) Hmmm.... so would you actually recommend upgrading it to a GTX580 for more beneficial FPS?
  4. its short direct x 11
    the processor clocked speed is also pretty low, if u can overclock it ud see a big performance increase
  5. I would love to OC my i7 but my p55v is worthless and I cant OC with it :(
  6. well its not bad as a quadcore. u will suffer a lot in games that can only use 2 cores. which is a lot. i bet you are even being bottlenecked with those graphics cards in some games.
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