Graphic card driver for a toshiba laptop? one day my laptop screen just looks l

my computer just acted up one day and the pictures look like film negatives or xrays, i cant get the display configured to see all text and colors are totally wrong. can anyone help me or tell me what i need to do?
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  1. Model Please? Exact Model?
  2. i bought a satellite c655d is there anything else you need to know about it. thanks for help, i just bought in october, but live in tractor trailer and really need to fix because i dont get to an address enough to have them fix and mail back plus i use for directions and doing paperwork and to keep in touch with family and kids so i use every day
  3. You may try downloading the drivers first, If you are not able to, you can tell your nearest computer service and tell them to fix it. Because it's maybe the screen or graphic cards it self.
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