Using two PSUs in one PC- Is that possible?

Is it possible? If i use one PSU for the whole PC but for the PCIE i use another PSU, Is that OK?
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  1. yeah its possible. google will reveal the secret and will be your best friend @ the info dept :)
  2. Hi :)

    Possible but really silly to be honest, two can get MASSIVE wattage psus, so no need and cases have limited space and any extra used space has detrimental effects on airflow and temperatures...

    All the best Brett :)
  3. as above seems a bit pointless--but heres how
  4. its seems pointless to us but there are some who have two or maybe more PSU's at hand...:lol: i know thats also silly but most people have them as gifts or throw arounds :P
  5. I'd just buy a new, more powerful PSU to suit your needs. As stated above, airflow and temperatures could become a real problem.
  6. I wanted to connect two PSUs temporarily to an old computer...
    I thought it might be simple, but now i think i will not do that...
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