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We have a couple of Dell E6410 Laptops running windows 7. When they are on the wired network they work fine. But Windows 7 disables the wireless connections. When the laptops are undocked the wireless connections aren't enabled again and required Admin Rights to switch this back on.

I have disbaled Home Groups and the services that are connected with this, but it hasn't made a difference.

Please could some advise to a solution to this issue?

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  1. Anyone know how to solve this?
  2. Guessing here but, you probably have some kind of power saving functionality turned on, normally in the dell wireless manager software that comes with their laptops.
  3. So you're saying it does work, but requires administrative privileges to turn it back on?
  4. correct, the resolution i'm looking for is how to keep the wireless on the whole time.
  5. Make sure to check in the devices properties through Device Manager on the Power Management tab to make sure "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" is not checked... Maybe when it's docked and under full power, the PMS is keeping all components on byt when undocked it automatically goes into power save mode and starts disabling devices like the WLS interface. Also go through your Power Options in the Control Panel and make sure they are on the straight and narrow (Try setting the power option to "Performance" instead of Balanced or whatever it's on now).

    Otherwise, I'd post something to the Dell Forums and see if anyone else experience(d) the same problem and has a solution... Best of Luck
  6. I have worked out that the Dell Power management profile switches off the Wireless when unplugged, I changed it to High Performance and Blanced and the wireless was on fine,

    Thanks for your comments, it is all fixed now and i have raised this with Dell as an issue.
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