Will a 4670 cause problems with a P4

I have an old OEM computer with a Pentium 4 Northwood processor. I wanted to take the computer, up the RAM and get a video card for it to play old games (games from the late 90's early 2000's) The problem is this computer has only one 4x 8x AGP slot. I was looking at the Radeon 3450 and the Radeon 4670. My question is while old and obsolete compared to today will the 4670 be to much for the Pentium. The Pentium is pretty slow and weak and the Radeon came after the Pentium so ther were some good advancements in the field of video graphics.
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  1. Hi :)

    No it will be shops still sell AGP cards and never had a problem with any...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. What I mean is, is it balanced. Given the P4 being kind of slow and weak a 4670 won't be "to advanced."
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    rds1220 said:
    What I mean is, is it balanced. Given the P4 being kind of slow and weak a 4670 won't be "to advanced."

    Hi :)

    No lol.... they are both underpowered and WILL work fine together....

    All the best Brett :)
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  5. The 4670 was on par with the 3850 which was consider the best of the agp cards.
    The 3850 could handle WoW on low settings but I was running a Pentium D (dual core p4) back then. Not sure how a p4 will handle it.
    You need to be aware of the special drivers you need because the card uses an interface chip to convert the agp bus signals to the pcie signals that the actual card uses. You cant just use the regular radeon drivers. You need to always look for the Hotfix drivers
  6. So what do I have to download exactly? Both the hotfix you linked plus the 12.x drivers or are there some other drivers I need to install.
  7. just the hotfix. Always the Hotfix
    When they update catalyst drivers start lookiing for the hotfix version a few days later.

    The link i posted is probably all you'll ever need. i doubt they do any updating of the actual 4670 drivers anymore.
  8. O ok. I knew you couldn't use the regular driver but I didn't know if they made special drivers for a AGP slotted video card.
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