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I'm wondering whether my computer is outdated or not, from your opinion. I understand it is quite old, but would you say it's worth having in 2012 for watching videos, web browsing, web designing etc? It does seem to miss a lot of frames when running HD videos, and you can completely forget about 1080HD. Anyhow, let me know what you think. :)

ASRock P4i45GV R5.0 Motherboard, FSB533/400, Socket 478.
Intel Pentium 4, 3.2GHz (overclocked) Prescott at 1MB L2 Cache.
- Considering an upgrade to Pentium 4 Northwood, 3.06GHz (later will overclock to 3.3GHz) with Hyper-Threading.
NVIDIA GeForce 6800, 128MB Video RAM, AGP8x.

The RAM and GPU is the "maximum" my motherboard can take. In addition, the processor I will upgrade to will be the best my motherboard can take too.

Therefore, I'm asking, is this computer too old to even upgrade? And should I invest in a new computer? The thing is, I can upgrade easily for £10, but for a new computer, I'd need to fork out at least £100. I'd much rather purchase a smartphone or something; since I believe I need a new one of these too. :(

Is this computer still worth to have for the tasks I conduct? Most used programs are: Adobe Photoshop CS2 (web designing), Microsoft Office (studies/work etc.), FL Studio 10 (I produce music :sarcastic: ), EasyPHP (web development/coding). I also often browse the web for watching videos, and so on. Also, I like to keep up to date with technology etc. Most of the time, when I open the browser, it often doesn't respond upon loading. I have to wait about a minute to continue web browsing.

Let me know what you think? Again, I don't really want to spend too much money on upgrading to a new computer. I'd rather save that money for something else. Also, my computer is pretty much at the maximum.

Thank you in advance for your replies. :)
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  1. Hi :)

    Ok its old but its usable... web browsing office etc....

    Just use it, until you can afford a new machine...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. Yeah, as stated above it should be fine until you save up enough money for a new machine. It's certainly not the worst I've seen some people post, and my Grandfather still uses an old 700mhz athlon laptop to write word documents and use some basic photoshopping (and I mean basic)
  3. I wouldn't bother with the CPU upgrade. Tuck it away for a new build later.
  4. Thank you for your replies! I appreciate them all! Thank you again. :)

    I guess I won't upgrade my processor; I guess it won't show much difference anyhow.

    Again, thank you. :)
  5. +1
    doct3rphil said:
    I wouldn't bother with the CPU upgrade. Tuck it away for a new build later.
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