There has to be something wrong.

Okay, i got an:
fx-8120 @ 3.8ghz
2x4gb corsair vengeance 1600mhz ram
asus directcu 2 top gtx 560 @ 925mhz
corsair force gt 90gb ssd
corsair gs600.

For example, i love to stream games with xsplit and lets take BF3 for this example:
When i stream, i get really good quality and FPS lowest is 30, average is 50 and highest is 100 or so.

A guy with these specs: i5-750, hd5805, 4gb ram. Having the same stream quality and resolution as me, is getting 60+fps AT ALL TIMES.

I mean, that has to prove something. Ive been having troubles with my cpu and gpu ever since i got them (heat problems, overclock problems, stuttering issues etc.).

Whats the fix/problem? Do you guys have ANY suggestions at all?
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  1. how the heck does your stuff even run without a motherboard?
    <post your make & model>

    I would suggest you start resolving your heat & stuttering issues before tackling the xsplit issues and perhaps the xsplit issues will disappear in the process.
  2. its a gigabyte 990fxa-ud3 rev. 1.0 bios f6

    well, i dont really know how to resolve the stuttering issue.
    i also have a hyper 212 evo for cpu cooling.
  3. lets start with the heat issues as that could be a source for the stuttering.
    Please describe it and what you've tried to locate or alleviate it.
  4. Okay, so i have a case of Bitfenix Merc Beta. One 120mm exhaust at the rear and thats it. Since fx-8120 is a pretty weak CPU i want to OC it to the max as i can. But i cant go over 1.3V cause then my CPU temps go over 75. With 1.3 the temps stay at 40-50 but even if i go 1.325 then the temps skyrocket to 70+.

    GPU temps have always been fine. around 50-60 at full load.
  5. Maybe the setings in his graphics card is not in the same quality as yours try to lower the quality could help you do better.
  6. lowering the quality gave me only like 5 extra fps, so that cant be the problem.
  7. Imagine how low he playes you can go higher if you drop evrything to 0.

    I have everyting to maximum winning another 5 fps to just to get him is it really worth it? i bet he will never get 100 like you, internet speed is importand factor also.

    In internet at the same server may play people with diffrent time zones if he playes 6 o clock morning is sure getting better speed than you anyway more deep analysis to the subject isn't really worth it.
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