PC Power and Cooling, Corsair, or XFX? Help me decide!

I can't decide on these three 750w PSU. I am going to overclock my CPU and GPU and might be planning to crossfire or sli in the future. The three PSUs are all around the same price except the XFX which is about 20$ more for it being modular and some other features. So help me decide :).

Corsair TX750 V2

PC Power and Cooling Silencer MK II


Which PSU is the better deal?
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    I run the same XFX PSU, but mine isn't modular, they're great units and they're made by Seasonic. I like that the 12v rail power is so close to what the unit says it delivers, but you can't go wrong with any of those three.
  2. How long have you been running the XFX PSU mace?
  3. Only about a month, which reminds me of another reason I bought the PSU, it has a 5 year warranty over the more standard three years.
  4. About the warranty, it says that I have to register the warranty within the first 30 days. How do I do that? If I don't, I only get two years warranty.
  5. unRaveled said:
    About the warranty, it says that I have to register the warranty within the first 30 days. How do I do that? If I don't, I only get two years warranty.

    You go to the XFX website and it asks you for the UPC, and the date you ordered it I think. Most companies have you do this so it's a pretty standard concept. Saying that reminded me of somthing else, something was wrong with their website where you go to warranty registration and PSU's aren't listed, all I did was google something like "XFX PSU warranty" and I got it registered. Maybe they have it fixed but I didn't bother to tell them about it, so I tend to assume that no one else did either.
  6. Alright going to leave this thread open until a few more opinions come in. Thanks for your post :). Very helpful!
  7. I found one more PSU that's cheap after mail in rebate. It's the Cooler Master Silent Pro M700. Its original price is 99.99 and it's modular. I don't really know much about cooler master's psu but do you guys think this is a good psu?
  8. all 3 are fine choices, the corsair and the xfx are seasonic made, and the pcp&c is sirtec made

    as for the coolermaster one, its usable review wise, its just the quality is not the same as the above 3.
  9. pcp&c comes with a seven year warranty but like dudewitbow mentioned all three are good choices.
  10. i've been running the same PC P&C PSU for about a year, love it!
    it's dead silent and even after you turn off the computer its fan keeps spinning for about a minute to cool off any lingering heat. didn't even notice that one until a couple months ago when i noticed the fan spinning after having just unplugged and opened the case up to upgrade the GPU. a nice touch.

    the Corsair is "only" 80plus bronze, not a efficient as the other two. of the two corsair PSUs i've owned both have died (maybe i got a bad batch). they weren't that particular one, but i can't suggest corsair nonetheless.

    no experience with XFX PSUs.
  11. Thanks for the insightful comments. I've decided to go with the PC Power and Cooling since I've heard some really nice reviews about it, your experiences, and silver.
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  13. I have a PC Power & Cooling Mk iii 600 watt. Very quiet, seems solid - very happy so far ( 2 months). I believe all 3 are great - cooler master - good, but not great review wise.
    Good Luck !
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