DF85 compatible with H100? (Cooling)


I am building a new system, but I'm still doubting about my cpu cooling.
I somewhat decided to go for the Corsair H100 (because of the double radiator) but will it fit in my Antec DF-85?
Will the red fans included attach easily to the radiator and can I attach the radiator to the case without many problems? I'm thinking of mounting it at the top.

Thanks in advance, :D
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  1. 240mm rad and 2x140mm in my case... bad idea :/
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    It would appear you have a few mounting options there, top seems to work, back seems to work (shown here)
    and pictured here top mounted
    Looks like you're good to go there.
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  4. I found that video myselves but I was doubting if there wasn't any modding involved. But the other link helped me alot, thanks!
  5. Bringing up a dead topic but the second link is dead, where is the optimum place and how do i place it, in the df-85?
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