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Is it bad to edit my GPU's fan speed manually?

Usually when I play DiRT 3 or Dungeons and Dragons Online on Ultra I'm pulling pretty decent FPS but my temps will hit 70 C unless I turn off the automatic mode and crank the fan to 60%, when I'm not gaming I keep it in automatic mode and maintain a steady temperature of about 40 C. What I'm wondering about is will cranking up the fan to 60% while gaming cause my fan's life expectancy to be significantly lowered? And is 70 C still a safe temp for video cards to run on for several hours?

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  1. Download msi Afterburner and set a fan profile. 70+ temps are normal for stock profiles as the kept.down with lower fan speeds. Afterburner will allow you to Manually adjust an arc with 1% to 1c ratio to help keeps temps down and noise to a minimum when you dont need the cooling
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    running your fan faster isn't that bad but it will reduce the life, how much i do not know.

    Some GPUs can run hot, my old 8800GT would run at 90 and it was ok ( i didn't like it that hot but it seemed to cope ). Contact the manufacturer and see what thay say is the normal temps.

    I would invest in a tin of pressurised air and occasionally clean your GPU as dust buildup can increase temps.

    Also does your case have a good airflow?

    Having a pci slot fan that exhausts hot air or a side fan on your case can reduce your temps as well, even if its a few deg.

    Hope that helps a little
  3. Yes it's horrible for your gpu to turn up your fanspeed to cool it down. :bounce:
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