Crashes when playing games

I recently purchased a sapphire hd 6870 and havent been able to play games since because of random freezing and physical memory dumps.
I think it might be a small PSU but not sure.

My specs are:
550w PSU
Asus M5A78L-USB3 motherboard
4gb DDR3 1333mhz jetram
Sapphire hd6870
Amd Phenom 2 x6 1090t black editon @ 3.2ghz
2 terabyte HDDs

Its definitely not temperature since i sit in a room with an aircon of 16degrees and monitor my temps constantly even while in a windowed game.
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  1. What brand PSU?
  2. Show us what exactly the PSU is?

    If it's a low quality one or it has low amperages, replace the PSU, get something like this:
  3. I bought it about three years ago, there is no brand name it just says LPG6-50 550w.
    I think it could be that the power supply doesnt have PCI e connectors.
    The grapchics card connectors are plugged into normal connectors and not directly into the PSU.
  4. Well that is not allowed when you don't plug the PCI-E connectors, that's why it's freezing. Or you mean you use adapters? Upgrade your PSU.
  5. Yes ill get a better PSU thank you. Im even lagging in warcraft 3. :< Thank you for the fast reply
  6. Im thinking about buying the Coolermaster RP/RS-650-PCAR eXtreme power plus 650w
    What do you think?
  7. You can go with better brands, how much is it?
  8. dont buy that psu buy psu of powerful brands like corsair,antec,seasonic etc.
  9. Lenithius said:
    Im thinking about buying the Coolermaster RP/RS-650-PCAR eXtreme power plus 650w
    What do you think?

    Oh God no.........

    Look, the wattage claims mean nothing. It's all about amps on the +12v rail and efficiency. If the psu doesn't even have a basic 80+ efficiency certification, don't bother.

    This is how psu's are classified:

    CRappy 70%
    80+ certified
    80+ bronze
    80+ silver
    80+ gold
    80+ platinum

    That coolermaster is "crappy 70%".

    The psu you have now likely put's out about 300-350w max, not 500w.

    Where are you buying from and what is your psu budget?

    The power supply is the most important component of the computer, yet I never understand why people trust their new high end parts to some generic piece of crap.
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