ATI Radeon HD 6770M

Hello Everybody i have the laptop Hp pavilion dv6-6040ej
Windows 7 64 bit
and my graphic card is ATI Radeon HD 6770M (I have also Intel HD graphic card in the laptop)

The problem happen when i Play in battlefield 3 after few minutes the game freeze and crash and i got this message from windows:"the driver stopped responding and has recovered"
Its happened with the 11.2 amd driver and 12.1 the newest driver (I removed the driver with driver sweeper in safe mode before i Installed the new).
also I try this steps from EA support:
Reinstall BF3 with guide on website
close processes
Install updates and service pack

Please help me!
Thank for who will try to help me :)
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  1. try disabling background programs you're not using (example steam)
    see if vsync will improve your stability
    try turning up the fan speeds on your gpu (in catalyst control center)
    try different graphic settings

    you can also google search your gpu + game compability. Sometimes you can find out its not only you having problems with a particular game + system specs combo. I remember in battlefield 2 my computer would freeze up every 15 minutes or so because of my integrated sound card >_<
  2. Overheating graphics cards tend to cause that wonderful problem.

    Download HWmonitor or MSI Afterburner to check the temps of your GPU max load.
  3. I have that message when I overclock my GPU laptop. And not when I don't. So it maybe either Voltage problem or Overheating. HP laptop are tend to run hotter, so you might use a laptop cooler or ask HP technician to fix the overheating. For Voltage problem, rarely happens, but if you don't face overheating and whether you overclock or not, it may happen, you need to underclock or put at stock.
  4. Thanks for all
    I will photo with HWmonitor and I will upload the picture
  5. 66C its the max temperature in the GPU
    78,76,75,70 temperatures of CPUs
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