Amd athlon ii x4 651 or Phenom ii x4 955

I'm stuck between getting one of these 2 processors. I have noticed that the athlon has been getting better scores in benchmarks (topping the Intel core i3 2120, the fx 4100, and even the Phenom ii x4 980) but has no L3 cache. I do not plan on overclocking. I'm getting the benchmarks from passmark. Thanks!
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  1. Passmark is an absolute, complete, and utter joke. The Phenom II is better and the Athlon II is not better than a 2120.

    Not an exact comparison, but it drives the point home. Athlon II X4 645 vs. Phenom II X4 955

    Again, not an exact comparison, but again driving the point home. Athlon II X4 645 vs. i3 2100
  2. the p2 955 is the better cpu by a margin... not really worth looking at the other 1 if your within £30 price difference.
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