Upgrading My Video Card Need Advice

Ok i have a 275 right now, held onto it as long as i could but it's time to upgrade, my system all together. With the Kepler coming out this month, not sure what approach to take , not sure if the kepler release will drive down the price on some of the other cards, but money isn't a problem when it comes to the Video Card casue I want it to last awhile. Is it worth doing SLI i have not done it myself had a friend do it and he had problems with it, so not sure if it was just him. If i do do SLI what would you recommend, as the Card to do it with.

Hope it all makes since, any help would be appreciated. TY!! :bounce:
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  1. you have a GTX 275 is that right and you want to get some more performance? Can your power supply take another GTX 275? Yes i'd recommend just getting another GTX 275 and putting it into SLI. In that case you will get twice the performance without having to pay too much to replace the graphics card with something 1.7 times the performance.
  2. You can get GTX 570, SLI it and skip Kepler...
  3. refillable said:
    You can get GTX 570, SLI it and skip Kepler...

    Money is allways a problem despite whatever the OP said, and 2x GTX 275 will be perfect for any games. The GTX 275 isn't that old, and he'd have to get rid of his GTX 275, buy a new GTX 570, he would be loosing more money and performance than just buying another GTX 275. If you have a good system configuration already, add another GTX 275, don't take a step backwards by removing your GTX 275, then having to think about what your going to do with it, and then buy a GTX 570 realising that you are wasting much more money having to buy another GTX 570 to get SLI. It's quite an inefficient and costly idea.
  4. He can sell his GTX 275 and has the benefits of fermi my friend :). Because he said 'money is not a problem'.
  5. SLI 275 would be fine. Or Just upgrade to a Fermi card or better yet, wait for Kepler. Or hop on over to AMD land.
  6. first of all if money is not the problem so the gtx 275 sli will not be an good choice and even its an older tech gpu with dx 10 and an single gtx 570 will beat the gtx 275 sli and even an gtx 280sli which is better then gtx 275.

    now here is the benchmarks now u will get what i m saying so why to waste money on an older tech sell that one and go a step ahead and buy tx 570.
  7. Maybe it would be better as vettedude said, to wait for Kelper, you might regret having bought 2 570s to find out later that there is something better at the same price or cheaper than the 570 is now.
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