Need some help with a strong build $2000 budget

Well my old computer has finally died on me and I am using my dads ipad to post here. So I am limited on doing my own research so I was wondering if you guys can help me out. I have been here before and I know you guys really know your stuff.

I plan to spend around $2000.

My Needs:
I do plan to use my computer for a bit of jus about everything...
I am a game programmer, I use c++ or java as my main languages. Compiling on my old dual core took forever and was always such a pain to be constantly waiting. I am hopin for a quadcore.

I also occasionally work with autodesk maya, mudbox, 3dsmax, photoshop. So good graphics card is a must. I am thinking nvidia.. but your input would be greatly appreciated.

I have recently been teaching myself some new skills to learn how to create some oldschool gaming music. you know 8 bit songs, using famitracker and similar programs. (seemed like a good idea to create some original music for android games).

I also love working with photoshop and dreamweaver.
I am not too big on pc gaming as i usualy spend most of my time creating. However I may get into it for a bit once I have a great build. =]

Overclocking: possibly, I dont want to burn out my cpu or anything. Some advice would be good.

crossfire: some advice would be good.

what I need:
Everything except for the chair and desk! I am also hoping to use dual moniters, I work more comfortably that way. =]

Have fun with this build guys and Thanks alot for your help!
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  1. I forgot to mention my country of origin is the U.S.
    While I am at it , I would prefer an intel build.

    sorry for the double post but i couldnt find the edit button on this ipad. yea i can be an idiot lol.
  2. Jaun, I really appreciate your appreciation for our appreciation of bringing users the best information available when it comes to computers.
    I have 3 questions before suggesting parts.
    1. Are you willing to wait another 2ish weeks for ivybridge to come out?
    2. Do you want a quaddro graphicsa card, or a more mainstream gaming card for what you're doing in photoshop? (render-intensive stuff?)
    3. What resolution and monitor type? Do you want a cheap TN or a color-correct monitor? Also, will they be included with the budget?
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