Vista reboot loop after assembly

hi everybody, i have a problem with my newly assembled pc: i assembled everything (got it checked by an expert so the problem shouldn't be there)and when i boot the pc, it reboot when it reaches vista's loading bar.
the components are the following:
amd phenom x2 555 b.e.
asrock m3n78d
2xddr3 4gb komputerbay
ati sapphire 6570 hd
hitachi hdp725032gla380
linq 500w

the only thing which is isn't new is the hdd; i didn't format it because i wanted to install windows 7 there after assembling everything.
i tryed also to hear if it makes any beep but i don't hear anything.
thanks for your help and sorry for my awful english :(
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  1. Sounds you are trying to "recycle" the Vista install from a previous install with your previous configuration. If that is the case, Vista is unstable because of the hardware differences. A "clean" install is the bext way to resolve this problem.

    What configuration were you using before you assembled your current system?
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