Dell Inspiron one 2320, AC adapter read arrached.. wall mount question

Received a Dell Inspiron 2320 touch screen all in one.. to hang in my kitchen.

Purchased a low profile vesa wall mount to use with it.

I've not noticed that the AC adapter is read plugged, and it sticks out a good inch beyond the back of the unit.

How is one to properly wall mount this thing with that adapter sticking out.

I would have expected a 90 degree a/c plug at least to keep the low profile.

After speaking with Dell, there is no alternative adapter...
So my question is this...

Could I just solder a 90 degree attachment on in it's place?

Has anyone else had to tackle this type of road block?

I'm curious as to why they would include a vesa mount option, but clearly put a flawed design element for the a/c adapter.
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  1. Well, being that it's a Dell and a wall mount is an optional accessory, why not ask Dell how they suggest it be mounted?

    Another option is to look for something like this
  2. No that power cable won't work because the Inspiron one uses an actual power adapter like laptops do.. I actually made a 90 degree adapter for mine.. Works great..
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