What's the difference between these two psu's?

So I really like the x650 but it's out of my price range. As a replacement I've looked to the rosewill capstone 650m. It's 30$ cheaper, and I think has all the same features. They are both modular too. The x650 is made by seasonic, the best brand out there for psu's, but the capstone 650 is made by super flower golden green, which is probably in the top 3 for psu manufacturers. Is there any drawbacks of the rosewill to the x650?

Capstone 650 M


The capstone's fan is made by globe fan. I think the fan was rated at 28 dB? I'm not sure, but is globe fan a good manufacturer?
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  1. This cheapness is might due to quality wise, there is no drawback I would say get it.
  2. I think I will go with it. Does anyone know anything about globe fan though? I hope they arnt a sketchy brand or anything.
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    The Capstone is by Superflower, while the Seasonic is by Seasonic.

    Both are VERY good OEM's, you can't go wrong with either one.
  4. Ok thanks. I'm trying to look up globe fan, but there's not much on them =\
  5. foshizz said:
    Ok thanks. I'm trying to look up globe fan, but there's not much on them =\

    OCZ uses globe fans in several of their builds and like most PC hardware, globe fans are sold under different brand names. I believe (not 100% sure) that sharkoon fans are made by globe fan as well as some other brands.
  6. I'd get the Seasonic one, the fan won't be spinning unless the power supply is under load. This makes it a much more efficient and silent PSU.
  7. 28 dB isn't bad for the capstone either. I've made my choice, I'll go with the capstone. It's 40$ cheaper with rebates/sale. Good quality/ good performance. Or is there another model that performs like either of these ~100?
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