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Hey guys,

the guys i asked to assemble my pc had some issues with stock and importing so instead of giving me the coolermaster 550W PSU they replaced it with a antic EA430W full case.

So my question is will my pc have any issues. I'v been using it for a few days now. stuff seems to run fine. but i plan on adding an harddisk in a bit

Here are specs, i don't know what is relevant, i will point out everything:
i5 2400
asus p77 motherboard
Asus 560ti gpu
8gb ram
1tb seagate harddisk
DVD writer

Can the 430w take an other 500gb hard disk?
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  1. Yes it can it is actually better than the CM 500watt.
  2. Hmmm....

    After looking up on newegg I wouldn't be happy.

    Notice that the EA430 has only one PCIe plug. The GTX560TI needs two. They must have used a Molex to PCIe adapter to get it to work. And for me, a new machine shouldn't need any adapters.

    You're pretty close to the limts of what your PSU can do. I don't think a hdd will put you over the edge, but you are much to close to the limit for a new machine. I'd take it back and see what they will do about getting a better PSU in there. Depending on the CM 550W PSU they were going to use the Antec might be better. But at this point I wouldn't go adding much more to that machine.
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    Itll work. On basic budget builds, an Antec EA 430D can power most upper middle gpus with no problem. I use to help friends replace old OEM psus with EA430Ds and midrange cards like GTX 460s / 6870s etc and they ran stable.

    Antec is better. Any psu line from CM that's not the Silent M pro is utter crap (Real Power / Extreme power etc).

    It'll power this budget build just fine and with no problems.
    Since there will be no overclock possible with that cpu... we can do an easy worst case estimate.

    CPU - ~80 watts.
    GPU ~180 watts
    Mobo ~several watts
    Ram ~several watts
    hard drisk ~several watts
    Case fans ~ several watts
    dvd drive and hard drive ~ several watts.

    so somewhere between 240-280watts under the worst case. Well below the ~350 watt max for the 12v rail of that PSU. Standard usage will be well in the 130-180w range so you're absolutely fine.
  4. 80W + 180W = 260W. How do you get a start range of 240W? I would put the draw at 260-300W. And yes, this is below the 360W the antec can put out.

    As mentioned however I'm more concerned at the lack of PCIe plugs. That's messed up.
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