PCI-e 3.0 compatibility

So... I have been waiting patiently for the GTX 600 series to show itself, this after the GTX 580 I bought literally exploded.

Anyway, I had a horrible thought. The new series cards are PCI-e 3.0. I'm pretty sure my mobo (P55A UD3) only supports 2.0/2.1

So, this is probably a dumb question, but will a PCI-e 3.0 card still work in my machine? Or am I going to have to upgrade to a new mobo/stick with the GTX 500 series

Thanks guys
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  1. No worries, PCIe 3.0 card will be backwards compatible with PCIe 2.0/2.1 slots.
  2. Yes, they even announced it on unboxing's . But also they said you won't loose any performance between the difference of 2.0 and 3.0
  3. The GTX 600 should be same as 7970, which can be put on any PCI-E 2.1/2.0 boards and with minimum loss of performance.
  4. I know this is an old post and it is a sin to resurrect them but... as an FYI I bought a 3.0 card for my ASUS Sabertooth MB which is PCI-e 2.0... I've been having hardware issues (video) and when I called gigabyte the first question they asked is "does your mobo support pci-e 3.0?"

    I said no, 2.0 and he mumbled something but said "it should be O.K."... but instead of wanting to exchange the card he is having me try other things first, like moving the card to different slots, etc.
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