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I am planning to build a microATX form factor HTPC. I plan to use solely for the purpose of ripping and storing blu-ray movies for easy playback in my home theater, along with playback of lossless music files - no usage as a DVR or TV tuner is planned. Plan to route the video to my receiver via HDMI, and the sound via digital coaxial to my receiver for surround processing (5.1).

Need all components, but need suggestions for the best bang-for-your-buck CPU/mobo/GPU setup for the usage above. Suggestions regarding a quiet cooling solution, microATX case, RAM are also welcome. Budget $1500 or less (preferably).

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  1. Hello,

    Take a look at my specs. I built an HTPC. You could take off the SSD to save some money/go with a different GPU, a different possibly cheaper HTPC case. Shave off half the ram.

    I know the Radeon 7K series support audio over HDMI - so why not just get one of those cards -> route the HDMI to your receiver - then to your TV. You don't necessarily need the digital coax.

    Radeon 7950 audio support:

    Integrated HD audio controller ◦Output protected high bit rate 7.1 channel surround sound over HDMI with no additional cables required
    ◦Supports AC-3, AAC, Dolby TrueHD and DTS Master Audio formats
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