Asrock n68c-s ucc, phenom ii x4 940 (125W, mobo 95W)

Okay, I have bought this motherboard because my old ASRock k10n78 has a problem (still unsure, after two different graphics cards and two different power supplies, still crashes under full load.)
Now, I'm wondering if it is okay to put in my phenom ii 940 and underclock it to 95W. I've heard people using the processor and it running, I'm just wondering of its okay (no replies saying "CAREFUL OF FIRE" please.)
Other than that, does anybody know what the problem with my motherboard could be? Or just any idea of what it might be.
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  1. Well if you've heard of people doing it, I would assume it would be okay. Just be sure it's fully stable before you give it the green light. Though I've personally had issues where I would get "Hyper Transport Sync Flood Error" when I undervolted my CPU on my HTPC (X4 955 on a A880g+ mobo), so I'm not too sure if that would happen to you as well.
  2. I'm really quite new to undervolting and such, but this is pretty much my only option without buying a new processor - this is practically the only new AM2+ mobo that I can buy.
    I don't really want to do an upgrade like that, the x4 940 is still a good CPU.
  3. Yeah I know what you mean. I absolutely LOVE my Phenoms and I'm a bit torn (yet excited) to upgrade to Ivy Bridge.

    I would suggest lowering the voltage and clock speeds slightly, then run Prime95 to see if it's stable. I'm not really sure how to measure how many watts your CPU is pulling out of the socket, though. I only look at HWMonitor and look under "Watts". For me, I think it was 117.8w with 1.4 Volts. (I'm no electric expert so don't take my word for the watt/voltage values...)
  4. It would help if your explained more on how it crashes. BSOD? Black Screen, Complete shutoff?

    Side note, asrock boards are terrible. Never purchase one due to failure rates from other people.
  5. Yeah, I get the idea with the asrock boards, but literally I can't find another new board available.
    Graphics crash. Screen goes one colour or lines. For about 5 seconds after it does this, the music I have on still plays, and if I'm on Skype I even have the time to go "damn my computer has crashed", after those 5 seconds it completely crashes.
    Replaced power supply and graphics card, and it still crashes at full load.
    In comparison, my previous GFX was a GTX260, which didn't run at all, whereas my second card only crashes under full load. I can undervolt the card and get a little more out of it- if I don't undervolt it will crash on Dota 2, but if I do, it won't. I guess it has to be the board, but now I can get any new AM2+ boards than that one.

    Edit: current graphics card is an XFX Radeon HD4850.
    Also, my current power supply is 550W, from a good brand (not at home right now, forgot what brand it is..)

  6. There's a picture of an error I got while trying to open a picture on newegg. I had to manually restart the computer since it just froze up like that. Though I remember Hyper Transport Sync Flood Errors looked exactly like that, except it looped the last millisecond of sound and automatically restarted itself after 5 seconds.

    The issue went away after we brought up the voltage on our stock speed X4 955 from 1.35 to 1.425 (stock 1.4v would still cause this issue for some reason).

    You could probably reach stability by undervolting and underclocking your CPU. Take it down a few hundred Mhz and bring down the voltage by maybe .1 or .2 down each time, and run Prime95 to check for stability. Hopefully this will help ya out :)
  7. Still unsure about doing it, still can't be sure if it's just my mobo..
    i haven't opened it yet, so i could try and find another one. Can anybody find me an AM2+ motherboard that's new? i tried all the online shops i know and couldn't find one other than the one i've bought.
    Unsure though. My motherboard temps are terrible when i have a Coolermaster Silencio case with a Zalman CNPS 9700T for my CPU cooler, i have 70C load on my CPU.
    probably having a slow death.
  8. Wow those temps are just...I'll do some snooping around online to see if I can find anything...
  9. i know, they're terrible. i really don't know how it manages it, i've built 4 computers now and all of my friends ones are fine, it's just mine that doesn't work, D:
    That vendor has good ratings so you should be fine :)
    Hopefully everything goes well with your machine :D
  11. Ahh, thanks alot! this looks much better than that terrible ASRock one.. :P
    Ships to england too. How much is 80 dollars in pounds though? around 50?
    Should be okay.
  12. Ahhh ****, hang on a sec jake. I forgot to look at the max TDP on the boards, it completely slipped my mind. But yes, you're right. 80 dollars is around 50 pounds.

    Looking at the ASUS website, the Phenom II X4 940 was under supported CPUs -sigh of relief- NOW, officially, good luck! :lol:
  13. Got to get this other motherboard returned first, annoyingly i noticed the TDP issue later in the day after buying it, but the manufacturer had already dispatched it.
    Thanks alot anyway Mocchan!
  14. Ahhh I see >.< well good luck!
    And you're welcome :) anytime
  15. Hmm. it seems that i have to pay some import taxes because i live in england, and can't really find what that will bump up the price by..
    might try to find something else then, if not i'll probably bite the bullet or wait.
  16. Ahhhh >.< I'll check the UK Ebay! Sorry I didn't get you a UK link, forgot to ask where you were from.

    Darn, can't find anything on the UK site :(
  17. the main risk of using a CPU that exceeds the TDP of your motherboard, is you risk overheating the mosfets and blowing one out

    if you are going to use that board with a high TDP CPU then make sure you get some mosfet heatsinks

    if not then prepare for

    even if you add heatsinks, you will still drastically shorten the life of the motherboard (and possibly risk killing the CPU when it fails)
  18. Yeah, i couldn't find anything on the UK site either. For some reason, the ONLY new motherboard you can buy that's AM2 is that ASRock one, and it's pretty damn shoddy!
    Will look around more tomorrow, i guess.
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