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Hey all,
First post on tom's hardware, so thanks for any help in advanced. It took me a while to find a forum that looked like it could help me.

So I'm about to rebuild my computer and two of my friends computers. I've done this before, but last time I didn't take a few things into account when I was ordering my parts.

First I would like to have dual monitors set up and I was curious what I need to look for to ensure I can do this.

Also I often like to DJ and my programs allow me to play separate music out of my headphones and speakers. The problem is my previous system (who's motherboard just fried) wasn't set up for this. I was hoping maybe someone could tell me what to look for in audio cards to help me with this problem.

Lastly I will be doing a lot of gaming and want to know if there are any recommendations for wifi set-ups. I can't have an ethernet chord run from my router to my computer, so I want to ensure I get a good wifi connection as I play.

Thanks again for any help!
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  1. Did you have a question?

    If your wanting someone to recommend parts for a computer your building, fill out the new build form in the new build section of the forum.

    Otherwise I can think of 100 questions I would need to ask you before making my first suggestion.

    And don't post a form unless your ready to buy now, otherwise the suggestions will just change in few days because deals come and go and new things come out and old things get discontinued every day.
  2. I'm not ready to buy yet and would like to find my own parts.

    My questions were when I am picking out parts what do I need to look for to ensure I can have two monitors hooked up (my last set-up could not handle it), what kind of things do I need to look for in an audio card to allow me to play music through speakers and headphones at the same time for programs like Virtual DJ, and finally what kind of things should I look out for when purchasing wifi cards for my new desktop?

    I'm not looking for specific parts. Just want to know what I need to make sure I get when I start picking out parts.
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    for video cards the ati cards for awhile have had multi monitor support. with most of the new ati cards you can run up to 6 monitors with the right cables. most times with two monitors most new cards have two hdmi headers for two monitor set up.
    some people also buy new cpu with the built in gpu and use the onboard video for non gaming window. I would look at some of the toms hardware builds for the last year or two too see if you need a performace type rig if your a heavy gamer or video editor or if a 800-1200 rig with a standard intel cpu or amd would work. For wifi I would look at the new ciso 2 band botjh 2.4 and 5g and get a two band card or usb stick. I would see in your house what band would work better. if your like me that lives in large condo the 2.4 band is clogged with other people wifi. and portable phones. if there a lot of distance between the router and your new computer i would also look into getting a high power usb card and base. in the us there sold as 600mw devices. they just have a more powerful radio in them for longer distance.
  4. Not sure what you are lusting for on the audio. Are you talking about multiple streaming?

    The Realtek ALC892 on-board sound chip provides " ... ten DAC channels that simultaneously support 7.1 channel sound playback, plus 2 channels of independent stereo sound output (multiple streaming) through the front panel stereo outputs" and content protection.

    Any Realtek on-board chip going back to the ALC882 should handle it with the right motherboard header and front-panel connector.

    So no 'real' sound card is needed. You simply go 7+1 out from the back either analog, optical, RCA or HDMI --- then plug your head phones into the front panel.
  5. Awesome thanks for the help guys. I guess I'll be back in a week or two with my build to make sure I didn't make any mistakes.

    Does anyone know where a good thread might be that could help me freshen up on the process of choosing parts. I'm strictly worried about compatibility of the parts.
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