Buy now or wait for ivy?

Heyy, im planning a new build and have just stumbled upon a deal where i can get a i5 2500k for £140 but with limited stock...... shall i go for it or wait for ivy bridge ?

ps. anyone know of any good mobos for around the £80 range ? preferably z77/68

cheers :)
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  1. You should wait for ivy bridge. By the time you get your sandy and get your computer all set up and working, that new chip is going to come out and you're going to start hating yourself, no matter how little the improvement over your current processor might be.
  2. whats you budget. any time a new product comes out its at its most expesive price. also sandy bridge should start to go down
  3. If you wait for the latest and greatest, then you'll never buy a computer, because they are always improving them. A 2500K is a great chip and will provide you with good service for a long time.
  4. well i was aiming for around £250 for MOBO+RAM+CPU

    with the i5 2500k at £140

    one of these £75 MOBO's

    and some Corsair 8gb RAM i should be okay and have a great deal!!
  5. All I can say is that the new i5 Ivy Bridge is going to run cooler and more then likely will have better Overclocking. If you have OCing in mind I would wait. If not then you may be able to find a 2500 none "K" for even cheaper.
  6. thats the funny thing ive been looking for weeks and stumbled upon this i5 2500k deal which was even cheaper than the 2400 anywhere but with only 10 in stock.... so i panic bought it.....

    what would you reccomend for a mobo ?
  7. ASRock Z68 Extreme3 Gen3 or ASRock Z77 Extreme4 Gen3. $20 price difference, but with the Z77, you can upgrade to IB in the future.
  8. For £75 you can get an Asrock Z68 Pro3 Gen3.

    By the way don't worry about panic buying, the 2500k is a fine CPU and you can overclock it over 4Ghz. Who really needs a CPU that's faster than 4Ghz anyway, really? It's fine, you got a good deal so fair enough.
  9. It isn't about OCing headroom. It's true you won't see a gain above 4.5GHz, but since IB is priced similarly to SB, it is an offer you'd be foolish to refuse. Less power usage, heat consumption, PCIe 3.0 native support, and USB 3.0 native support for no price difference is an excellent deal.
  10. mmm but the ivy equivalent of the 2500 is expected at around $220 which is quite above my budget so finding the 2500 so cheap was pure luck!
  11. $220 comes in at £140. Add another £20 for European prices.
  12. Sorry I meant £20 for UK prices. So £160. About the same as current 2500k prices.
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