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I purchased an old Sony desktop. It had a laptop hard drive running windows 7. sound worked fine. I wanted to put my hard drive in it running windows xp. I have everything working except for sound. The sound worked with the laptop hard drive but not with mine. Also it says it is windows professional but when it boots it goes to windows media center edition. I dont know. Media player says no sound device installed. I purchased Driver max to update and install all drivers. still no sound. Anybody have a suggestion?
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  1. Previous windows install does not have the drivers for current hardware! All the drivers you need are free for download at Sony's support web page for your computer.
  2. Thanks, but I thought Driver Max was suppose to handle all driver downloads and install updates. I'll go there now to check. Thanks again!
  3. Driver max is a scam robbing people by paying money for stuff that somebody else has for free.
  4. it cant update drivers of stuff that dont have drivers installed yet.
  5. Thanks VERY MUCH !!! Went to Sony had it downloaded and installed in two minutes and works great! Glad I only bought the 10 dollar sub from Driver Max. They are not to be used again. What can I say? You've been a great help! Now if you can just tell me where I put my glasses...
  6. Try the top of your head! Believe me that is where I find mine most of the time.
  7. Now that everything is working... I am afraid to add my Kaspersky account. Seems everytime I load it, things just don't run as smooth as before. Any ideas? Found my glasses...
  8. I use Avast free antivirus it not nearly as resource heavy and is good enough protection for people that know what they are doing. Have not had a virus for going on 10years but been warned a few times by Avast.
  9. Ok. Going to give Kaspersky one more chance since I still have 3/4 of a year left of the subscription, and if it doent work out I will try Avast. Thank you very much. You are by far the most helpful and Computer Knowledgeable Person I have ever known. Quick and precise! You should have a Great Week!
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