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Hi, first post here so I think i'm in the right section haha. Anyway, I bought my PC a few years ago and recently it is constantly overheating and running with terrible performance (20fps, TOPS) whenever playing games. For example, I was getting 10-20 fps in diablo 3 beta on pretty much lowest settings and then after 10 minutes it overheated. I know the graphics card is kinda outdated now but surely it shouldn't be running this terribly on lowest settings? These are the temps right now (and this is with the case open)

There are a few things i'm going to try such as cleaning the dust away, but would buying a water cooler resolve this? Thanks.
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums,
    More than likely a good cleaning of the Heatsink Fan will take care of your heat issues - I am quite concerned about your 12V readings there which appear to be quite a bit out of specs - we'll assume the readings are incorrect for now... go ahead and clean, then check your temps. You may need to do nothing else.
    Using a soft brush to help clean (along with compressed air) will help a lot.
    An aftermarket cooler (water or air) should help with temperatures but may not be needed. I would hold off on any such purchase for now.
  2. Clean out the inside of the computer using a can of compressed air. Prevent the fans from spinning during the cleaning to ensure that they don't spin above the rated RPM and ruin the bearings.

    Try running the computer with another known good PSU. From the picture you posted, the 12V regulation does not look good. This may be due to a failed or failing PSU.

    Low voltages tend to increase the Amps draw thereby increasing the heat produced.

    DO NOT run the computer under these excessive temps conditions.
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