Simming - OC system or recommended upgrade?

Hey guys, I upgraded to the 1st gen i7 last year and built my very first gaming desktop (using my old Dell case, figured it's just what's inside that really matters, right? :whistle: ).

I'm a simmer fan, and as you guys know simulators are extremely CPU-intensive compared to GPU. This i7 build of mine was quite an upgrade from the q6600 2.4GHz CPU I had in my Dell. Here's my current system specs:

- Intel Core i7-870 @2.93GHz, Turbo up to 3.6GHz
- Kingston ValueRam 2x2GB 1333MHz RAM <--- looking to upgrade this to 2x4GB G-Skill Ripjaw @1600MHz (would that be worth it?)
- EVGA GeForce GTX470 SC
- Crucial 60GB SSD (system drive + where I put ArmaII and OMSI (the game I'm trying to optimize, very high CPU/data-access demanding bus simulator))
- Seagate 500GB junk/media hard drive
- 650W BFG PSU
- MSI ED55-H55M motherboard

Now, I'm a bit frustrated with OMSI as it's a simulator which is poorly it's what's pushing my system. I was wondering what opinions anyone had - upgrade the RAM and look into OC'ing, or look into investing in an ivy-bridge system in the future? If OC, I'm quite the newbie in this field - just a warning :hello: but I know with the right researching I would be able to pull it off (I would get the cooler master hyper 212 heatsink/fan, which I've seen is quite an upgrade from the stock heatsink and fan which Intel provides). Does anyone have experience with the first gen i7's in overclocking, specifically with the 870 and other similar specs of mine? Thanks!
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  1. Thanks for the quick reply, I think I'll try the ram upgrade with a cooler. That was another topic I forgot to mention, I've got a micro ATX system so the board and case are a nuisance to work with. Does anyone else have other opinions as well?
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