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Tis is my first post here. I was wondering if anyone could help me. I built my first system around 6 years ago and have upgraded little bits at a time.

I've fallen out of knowledge about computers over the last few years and I've recently got a problem with my computer.

Yesterday I loaded up counterstrike up for the first time in a few months and my game crashed.vsince then I've been unable to boot up and my pc has been getting really strange colours in vertical and diagonal lines down the screen.

My current system is the following:

Asus p8h67
Intel i5 @ 3.2 I think (I can't boot up to see)
8 gb DDR 3 ripsaw ram @ 1333hz
Total of 2.4 TB of hdd over 4 drives
Nvidia 8800 gets 640mb
Corsair 520w

I upgraded my motherboard and CPU and ram when my old processor went and now I get the feeling after looking online that my gpu has gone. Fair play to it, it lasted 5 years.

I was just wondering around what sort of spec gpu I should be getting to avoid any bottle necking anywhere. I live in the UK and I don't want to spend over 200 if possible for both the power supply and the gpu. I'm not even sure I'll need a new power supply but as its only 520w and 5 years old I think it might be best.

Does anyone have any recommendations ?? I've been looking at an 800w psu from ebuyer and a asus nvidia 550 GTX ti Which comes to about £170.

Any help is appreciated. If you want any more information just ask. I'm currently stuck borrowing my parents iPad.

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  1. 800w psu eh? Care to share which 800w psu......................is it so bad that you don't want to mention it?

    GTX550ti is a decent choice, 560ti is much better, either will run on your current 520w psu. I wouldn't replace it till it dies.

    Ripsaw ram? Really? lol
  2. The ram is g skill ripjaw. I have no idea anymore about parts but it was £28 for 8gb so I didn't think it would be great. I'll upgrade it next payday along with a sad and get rid of most of the old hdds

    The psu was A Xenia 800w 80plus cert. For £60 if My old corsair 520 will run it I'll just keep that till it goes then.

    Is the 560 ti worth the extra £70? £166 for the 560ti and 96 for the 550 ti. What size screen/resolution will I need to see the benefits?

    I'm going to have to get a new monitor soon anyway as I'm still rocking an old dell 19' from quite a while ago.
  3. Why upgrade the ram? I see no point in upgrading it.

    Xenia? I wouldn't touch it.

    For 1080p I would recommend the 560ti.
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