Which is better Corsair Obsidian 550d or 650d?

I am considering between corsair obsidian 550d or 650d. The 550d is newer, quieter, and has adapter for usb 3.0. The 650d is older, has a window, but does not have adapter for usb 3.0. What do you guys reccomend I get? The price is essentially the same.
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  1. 550d all the way.
  2. Reviews say that 550d is hotter though
  3. I don't have personal experience with the case, but I would imagine that using an extra fan or two would take care of any heat issues.
  4. I have the 650D and it does have USB 3, there are 2 ports on the front panel. Can't speak for cooling as I liquid cool mine, but it's a nice case alright.
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