Catalyst control center problems

I'm having problems with the AMD catalyst control center, for some reason when i open it the window wont come up but in my processes it will show CCC.exe pop up really quickly and then go away.

my card is a Radeon HD 5770 and I have all up to date drivers.

not entirely sure what the problem is but if anyone has any solutions they would be appreciated.
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  1. It usually runs in the system tray(lower right typ.) Should show there. I personally don't like CCC as it seems flaky to me. Unless your looking for the enhanced tools, just dump it and use windows to control your settings. The driver will run independent of CCC.
  2. uninstall the driver and reinstall them new version is 12.1
  3. There isn't an icon on the system tray, i've looked and i've made sure it's not hidden.

    All of my drivers are up to date, i just checked before i posted this so i don't think that's the problem.
  4. the icon on system tray will appear if you activate it in ccc
  5. The icon on the system tray used to be there but now it's gone and the CCC wont open but it will show it start in my processes and then end by its self after about 5 seconds.
  6. could you uninstal all the ccc driver and reinstall sometimes the ccc itself got bug and the exe wont start
  7. That didn't work, I'm going to try getting the drivers for the actual card it self from the manufacturers website and reinstall those and see if that helps at all.

    Do you think this could have happened because i flashed my BIOS? that's around the time when it stopped working.
  8. did the bios flash correctly or you had trouble when you flash it
  9. I didn't have any problems flashing the BIOS.
  10. check graphic card maker and motherboard maker for new drivers could help
  11. Okay thanks i'll do that and post again once i've got them.
  12. I ended up downloading the 10.1 version of the driver and now it's working fine, apparently my card isn't compatable with the new drivers. ill have to talk to AMD about that one.

    Thanks for you help
  13. find that work but strange got a older card and work with the latest
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