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Quality and performance of ASUS EN210 SILENT DI 1GD3 V2 (LP) Graphics

Hello people, i had just bought the above mentioned graphics card. I want to know how is its performance and quality? After installing this card i played NFS underground. I just can't see any difference or any advantage in this game. Is it really good a card? And if it is then which games would put this card for real tests? Also i wanna know which latest games are compatible with this card? Please provide me with the list of such latest games.

Thank you.
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  1. Hello and welcome to Toms!

    You have a Geforce 210. It is not a very powerful card (its on the lower end of the GPU spectrum).

    You should be able to play most games though - except expect using low quality settings for the newest games.

    What are your complete system specifications? RAM, CPU, motherboard, Resolution you use, power supply. This can help us determine what you could play.

    Edit: Take a look at the bechmarks here - the Geforce 210 is pretty much at the bottom.,2445-9.html,2445-8.html
  2. no, that's not a good card. For a hierarchy of cards:,3107-7.html

    List your system specs and someone can recommend a decent card for gaming.
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    It's an extremely low-end entry-level card intended for HTPCs.

    Here is a review of the nvidia 210, which is the GPU your card is based:,2445.html

    It is NOT a gaming card - it was intended for home theater PCs (to play movies and such). You'll have trouble playing any game with advanced graphics (ie most games). Look at the gaming benchmarks for the card in the review. It doesn't attain "playable" frame rates in games with advanced graphics.

    For a recommendation for a good gaming card list your computer's full specs including power supply, CPU, ram, motherboard, OS and your monitor's resolution..
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