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Hey guys, I was recently having some problems with my pc that I determined stemmed from a five or six year old psu. Video output began to cut-out for a second or two while I was doing something graphically intense until my pc just began to start restarting entirely after the video cut-out (no blue screen, only a quick restart). Eventually my pc stated to restart even if i were just playing video. Because my video card was alot newer than my psu and had no previous problems, i thought my psu may have started to fail. So i just purchased a new psu, the corsair 650tx, and after removing my old psu, an OCZ GSX700, and installing the new one, after seemed to be working fine-- no cut-outs and no restarts. So i as i loaded up a game, my video cuts-outs once again but never comes back on and my computer never performs a restart. I've double checked all the connections to my psu, changed the pci slot as well as the dvi port my monitor was running from but nothing as changed. I know my pc is booting up because, even though i have no video output, i can hear the windows chim as my pc boots up. I think i'll try to swap in my old psu and see if i can get any video output. Does this sound like a problem with my video card, or possibly something to do with the psu swap?

Intel core i7
powercooler 5850 pcs+
corsair 650tx
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  1. I swapped out my new psu for the old again and couldn't even get my pc to boot, so i guess it must be something with my video card or motherboard? I don't have another video card to use atm, Is there any way for me to determine if my video card has a problem without having a second one?
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