Unsure which graphics card to choose?

Hey guys. I've got a small question. I currently have a 5970. It plays BF3 maxed with 4xAA great. In single player. It plays a little choppier however in multiplayer. I'd say it averages around 45fps in multiplayer and when things get real thick, it can stutter a little and drop sometimes to around the low to mid 20s. I don't know if it has to do with the limited VRAM or what. I am thinking of a few single card or CF/SLI options:

1. Crossfire 6950s
2. SLI 580s
3. Single 6990/590

Got a few quick questions:

1. Would the 6950s be enough of an upgrade from the 5970 to really warrant the upgrade?
2. I love the 580s but I would have to upgrade my PSU because I only have a 750w atm, and they are $$$
3. I like single cards, but I feel like for the money, crossfire/SLI provides better performance.

Basically my biggest question is whether or not a lot of these would even be a big enough upgrade from a 5970?
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  1. If its a multiplayer FPS drop its more likely your CPU
  2. Well, I did think about that but that doesn't seem likely as I am running a 2500k at 4.2.
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