Radeon HD5670 crash Skyrim

Hey guys, im trying to run Skyrim with my HD5670 and it keeps crashes everytime i load up a game,Skyrim will close, make a windows BING song, then if i open any other application the graphics are all screwed and everything is weird :( could anyone help me?

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  1. try different settings. in options on the games menu screen before the actual game starts. make sure its set to the resolution your monitor natively supports. lowering other things might help too.
    try newer video drivers if they exist. if you already have the newest try an older version.
  2. I have the newest driver, but also the game worked fine on my old system, but i upgraded for more ram and CPU power, but my PSU is only 500 watts, do you think that maybe the problem
  3. do other games do the same thing?

    and not likely the power supply. bad voltages could cause this problem but it would cause other problems too. and since your only complaining about skyrim crashing its not likely the problem.
  4. I have the HD 5670 too. Skyrim has been playing fine for me at 1920x1080 at mostly high settings, some medium, and everything else set to none (ex. AA). It runs pretty well. The optimized graphics settings that Skyrim automatically setects for my system makes the game play like a vey fast slide show. So those are the graphics settings (mine) that you should aim for. Now onto the question...

    Since the 1.5 update (few weeks ago[1-2 months]), I have been having the same problem. It loads, I play for a few seconds, and then it crashes. Never used to happen before then. But then again AMD updates Catalyst Control Center every month, so that could of been it. I actually just installed the brand new update for CCC, so Im about to try it. Hopefully for the both of us, good luck to me! :sol:
  5. Damnit. still doesn't work. AMD drivers are crappy anyways. Used to like AMD up to about yesterday(no kidding) when my computer got the 'blue screen of death' 2 times in a row. Since I have windows 7 it fixes itself, but when my pc finally loaded, it said that Catalyst Control Center had made my computer crash....BOTH TIMES!
    So ya, I know why people perfer Nvidia drivers over AMD. Since I'm building my own custom gaming rig with a GTX 680 in the comming weeks, it shouldnt be a problem for much longer. For you, I'de say switch the CCC to a previous version, probably the update from December or January. Wish you luck! :D
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