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Hello Guyz,

I have been using Win 7 since the time it was out in beta stages.It's a wonderful OS no doubt about that.But since 2-3 months i have been experiencing a strange problem regarding flash components on some specific sites or rather some specific pages on the sites.
The problem appears only on e-sites like :


These are 3 i use.
If i browse Ebay and Amazon its perfectly issues..the minute i click on account/login/my account..everything becomes abnormal.

Pages takes eternity to load up
All the pictures /tabs/animations disappear
All and all its like flash Just suddenly stopped working

Paypal does not open up. The site loads in 2 minutes with the problems i face when i click on account on the other 2 sites.

And yes I have reinstalled flash again and again..starting from a 4 month old flash to the newest one.Standalone installer.
P.S- The Adobe site dlm also doesn't do anything. it just loads and never downloads anything and then Firefox/IE8 stops responding for 2-3 minutes.
I installed shockwave / All flash beta versions from standalone installers..the problem remains...
I have no problem in flash otherwise - Youtube/Yahoo all works like charm.

I got an OK 1MBPS(Quiet fast in my part of the world) connection..and a quiet fast 1700$ Computer..So hardware and net connection is not an issue.

What i think its the security of Win 7 + ESET NOD32 causing some problems becoz only the e sites are getting affected.
I have Windows 7 Ultimate 64 BIT Retail.

PLZ help...
Thanx in Advance.
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  1. Nyone......Plz help me...what to do...??
  2. if i'm not mistaken, there is no flash player for 64bit browser...
  3. I m not using a 64 bit browser.
    Mozilla is not 64 bit...and IE8 i use the 32 bit version.
  4. Try the new Flash 10.1 prerelease:

    EDIT: Get both the Plug-in and ActiveX versions, as the former is for Mozilla/Chorme/etc and the latter is for IE browsers.
  5. Thats the problem..nothing seem to download from adobe site...whenever i click on a link to download..firefox hangs for abt 40-50 secs then resumes with a download window..and then doesn't download it.
  6. Try uninstalling NOD32 and then trying Flash again. Maybe try reinstalling Firefox, too.
  7. firefox has been reinstalled many times. let me uninstall nod32...!!!
  8. No problem. Be sure to post back so you can let us know how it worked out. If it was NOD32, I'd try another anti-virus such as AVG, Avira AntiVir, or Avast!
  9. Is there a compatibility mode button on your toolbar between the URL reload and the stop buttons. If so, try clicking that and see if it doesn't help.

    I get that button myself for certain pages I browse to and the page appearance sometimes changes slightly when utilized..
  10. No there is no compatibility button on the toolbar.
    And yes even Uninstalling ESET NOD32 Did not help.
    I even put the macromed folder in syswow64 directory as excluded folders in windows defender but still no use.

    Ny help Guyz..!
  11. So Guyz, hear this out.
    today i reinstalled Windows 7.
    The first thing i did was install flash player and started IE snd checked the amazon payapl thing...
    U wont blv it still had the same issue...
    I have a original microsoft dvd so dvd cant be faulty.
    what is the problem can anyone help me.
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    I have a similar issue, and believe it or not, its specifically related to this website. There is a script running that causes the browser to stop responding. After a few minutes i get a prompt informing me that the script is causing the browser to slow down, continue to run the script and the browser may crash. I run windows 7 64 bit. Using mainly IE8 32b since the new Firefox 3.6.3 is causing issues and my Norton toolbar doesn't work with the 64b IE8. Wish I could help solve your problem but I may be in the same boat here as I notice the only process running that seems I can identify is Flash Util 10e, Adobe Flash Player Helper 10.0r45 runs.
  13. Hey,its quite an old post bro...
    Btw i had solved the issue..
    The flash and browser all were fine..
    the problem was in the DNS my isp was providing...
    I changed the setting in my modem..and instead of dns provided by ISp i put in my own preferred dns..
    everything worked fine after that...
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  15. Hi Mukul990 / all

    I have exactly the same problem. Have changed my DNS settings on my router (rather than ISP assigning), following guidance from DNS advantage. I am still getting the problem logging into sites such as eBay, Amazon, paypal etc..

    Is there anything else I should be doing?

    Many Thanks
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