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I have been searching for a while for a solution to this but have been coming up empty. I am running a game and using my external speakers and then try to plug in my usb headset, sound stops playing through the speakers but I get nothing coming in through the headset. I look into my audio devices and it has found the headset just fine and I set it as the default but still no sound through the headset. The issue also seems to work both ways, if I have the headset plugged in when the game starts and unplug it, the audio doesn't output to the default external speakers. Most of what I had found on the internet has been people saying that I have to restart the game with the usb headset plugged in first and I am wondering if there is a way around this. Also this problems seems to occur with any full screen type of game I run like left for dead 2, dungeon defenders, dead island.

any help is greatly appreciated
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  1. You need to get the sound working through the headset, then start the game. Some games let you change mid game, some don't.
  2. Depends if the application in question is able to handle the default sound output device being switched after the game has already started. Some programs just don't handle that particularlly well...
  3. sad to hear, so it's pretty much a toss up and lands on the side that said, why didn't you go with the normal headset jacks instead of a usb. Thanks for help, I guess not much can be done as most games apparently aren't able to do that. I wasn't sure if there was any type of application that could take over that function and route the output to the correct device.
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