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Hyper 212 Cooler with GIGABYTE GA-990XA-UD3

So, I bought the Hyper 212 Cooler:

and I bought this motherboard:

I'm not concerned about space and room for RAM and what not.

I'm just not sure if I need to remove the back plate currently on that motherboard or if I don't even need the back plate for the heatsink. (check the gallery on Newegg and go to the picture with the back of the motherboard showing)

Someone please explain to me what I need to know.


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  1. Well, what is your RAM?
  2. nikorr said:
    Well, what is your RAM?

    I am not concerned about the space for RAM, I know the Corsair Vengeance is a larger RAM, but it'll fit.

    I'm curious as to what I need to do with the back plate for the motherboard.
  3. Some people have indeed problem with tall RAM. No issues with fitting to mobo.

    Go to here

    Than use F3 bsearch button and paste in Hyper 212

    To WiREZ
    Pros: I used hpyperx DDR3 4GB sticks that newegg has for $54.99 right now.That is 2 4gig sticks per pack 8gigs total per pack. I ordered 2 packs and that gave me 16gigs and I used 12gigs and left one ram slot open to use my hyper 212+ cpu cooler.That gave me space to use the cpu cooler with 2 120mm fans on it on the gigabyte ga-990xa-ud3 motherboard listed below in my review.I use this pc to run my games and the 12 gigs @1600 are more than I need, but you can never have to much ram.It may default the ram to 1333 but you can set it to 1600 in the bios and then put it in dual chanel mode and you will be set to go.With this board I could take off 1 120mm fan from the cpu cooler and have room to run 4 4gig sticks for 16gigs of ram.But the hyper 212+ cooler works so well I wanted to run it on my cpu.I hope this helps you out and newegg has a super price on the ram right now.I love this board and I have not had any issues with it at all.The ram works perfect with this board too...

    Cons: None. This is some of the best board I have had yet.

    Other Thoughts: You did not say what kind of ram you have but I hope this will help.You could do fine with 3, 2gig sticks of hyperx ddr3 ram too.I do not know what your ram needs are but you may not need to fill all the ram slots on your board to get good performance.My pc I put this in is super fast and runs very cool.I have run the cooler master hyper 212+ cpu cooler for a while now and I love it too.It will keep your cpu cool under the highist gaming loads and I would use it if you can.
    (The number for the ram I used is:)(KHX1600C9D3K2/8GX).
    I have used hyperx ram in every pc I have built and never had to replace a stick of it.I even have hyperx ddr2 1066 ram (8 gigs) in another pc that gets 7.5 on the windows raiting thing.
    Good luck and this has worked out very well for me. I hope it helps you.

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    8/4/2011 7:10:31 AM
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    CPU Cooler
    Pros: Waiting on LATE power supply.? A pro? Could

    Cons: I ordered a COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 Plus CPU cooler with this. If you have the ram slots full[Like Me] the COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 Plus will NOT FIT!!!!. If anyone has any suggestions on a cooler that will fit please post them.

    Other Thoughts: In this day of instant INFO it sure is taking a long time for an answer from GIGABYTE on a CPU COOLER
  4. This way u can find what u need fast : )

  5. What Corsair Vengeance do u have?
  6. I recommend CORSAIR Vengeance 99% of the time, quality RAM and low profile with XMP profile. And if u will get an aftermarket CPU cooler, low profile is the worry free remedy with perfect fit with any large cooler.
    CORSAIR Vengeance 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600
    Vengeance Low Profile heat spreaders have a reduced height of 1.03" (26.25mm). They're designed for high-performance systems with extra-large CPU coolers, small form factor system builds, or any other space-constrained application where standard Vengeance memory might not fit.
  7. You could swap out the heatsinks on the ram for a smaller set if its that big of an issue.

    Though with the hyperx they do use very strong adhesive to attach the heatsink. and as such it is very risky trying to pry apart the heatsink and not to mention it voids your warranty.

    I personally would either buy a heatsink that you know doesn't have problems with excessively tall heatspreaders or just lower profile ram.

    As for the backplate its easy all you have to do is simply push in or pull out on the 2 sides of it to get it to the mounting configuration that supports your cpu socket flavor. Its self explanatory once you have it in your hand, not to mention there are instructions.

    Edit: Hah, nikorr confused me and I didn't bother to check if you actually had HyperX ram -.- I'm not gonna bother editing it out...
  8. I am well aware of the fact that two fans will cause one RAM slot to be blocked. But I'm only using one fan and I'm not asking about room and what not.

    I am curious about the back plate on the back of the motherboard, go to the newegg link and click to go to the gallery and go to the picture of the back of the motherboard and you'll see this black plate looking thing.

    I'm not sure if I remove that and install the back plate that comes with the heatsink that I purchased. Or do I need to keep that plate on there and just not even use the back plate that comes with the heatsink that I bought.

    Someone please answer that for me and you'll be granted the best answer for this thread.


  9. There is no problem with the back plate.
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    You need to remove the backplate that comes stock and use the included one.
  11. mouse24 said:
    You need to remove the backplate that comes stock and use the included one.

    Ok, so I need to remove that black back plate which is a stock motherboard back plate.

    Thank you for your answer.
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