7970 Xfire VS 3way sli 570s

Hello tomsH community

I was thinking of upgrading to the new 7970s in Xfire and use a 570gtx i currently own as PhysiX . I'm currently using 3 570s in 3way sli on 3 25" asus Ve258q monitors. Would it be a good choice of upgrades? My current specs are

I7 - 950cpu (1366 socket)
12gigs of ram tri channel
120gig SSD corsair Force 3
1TB data drive
corsair 1000W HX psu
P6X58D-E mobo
3 570s 3way sli
3 monitors ASUS VE258Q in surround 5760x1080

I would really like some support on this.

THX guys
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  1. I think 7970cf would take 3x 570s in most...

    One example...


    as you can see the 570s in sli are around 54fps and adding another might not scale so well so you might hit middle 70s... However, the 7970cf setup is 84fps which will only get better over time...

    Depending on what you can get for your 570s should be the fix to your post. either way your loosing a decent amount of change and maybe not gaining a whole lot except money of your electric bill....

    PS, keep what you have and invest in ivy bridge... I am not perfectly sure but you are prolly bottle necked by your cpu with 3x 570s... Don't hold me to that though.
  2. hd 7970 crossfire will give better perfromance then that and it has the newer tech then that card it can handle most of the games on higher resolution better then gtx 570 so for an gpu i will choose hd 7970 cf and why you want 2 hd 7970 single can do all the things.
  3. you're good to go mate
  4. gtx 570 is a pretty powerful setup.a single 570 is able to play most of the games(i guess almost everyone)on high settings.i am not very much impressed with 79xx cards but that's just my thinking.i would suggest waiting for gtx 6xx cards.
  5. so do you think same malmental or any thing else?
  6. i heard that 660ti is going to be similar or better than 580.
  7. I fail to see why you want to upgrade right now. Even if you are not satisfied with your 3 570s (which I doubt), I would strongly suggest that you at least wait for nVidia's next batch of cards. And btw, I don't think you can use an nVidia card as dedicated Physx with an ATI/AMD setup.
  8. @viktorbkk,no offence but you can use a physx card with a radeon card.
    just an example.google for more.
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