CPU Cooler/Tower Help?

Will this cooler fit in this computer tower?

Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO CPU Cooler

Cooler Master HAF 912 Mid Tower ATX Case
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  1. i have Raidmax Thunder ATX Mid Tower Case ATX-315WB and its too small i can't put the side of my tower on because it hits my cpu cooler and i need a new tower and i was wondering if that will work for me.
  2. I know that both of those are very popular, so I would be VERY surprised if it didn't. I checked anyway, and 170mm is the maximum height supported : http://www.coolermaster-usa.com/landing/haf912/home.php?page=faq

    Hyper 212 EVO is 159mm at the longest dimension, so you're safe!
  3. i just built my computer last night and my cpu cooler is hitting my side panel fan and i can't close it with the thunder atx tower.
  4. The HAF series are bigger than your average mid towers, it will fit the 212.
  5. ohh really! Sweet, thanks man!
  6. Not to be bitter, but my specs didn't convince you, while gary did? XD I mean, gary's convinced me of enough things, too, but he's not THAT charismatic ;)
  7. haha.. Thanks Dan...
  8. but actually both of yours specs convinced me....
  9. I have that combo and it fits, cools great and is fairly quiet.
    Buy the 4 pack of matching fans and fill all of the slots with the 15dba 1200rpm fans and you will be happy.
    I run folding on a 960t-6cores@3.4 and a gtx460.
    MAX CPU=54c
    MAX GPU=74c
  10. Quick tip: For case fans, the larger the diameter, the better. They are quieter that way, yet still push a lot of air.

    By the way, Rick, I love your profile pic. Seriously. Best one I've seen.
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