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Hey guys I have a Creative Soundblaster recon3D Fatal1ty professional sound card. It's always lit up red and clashed with the other LEDs in my case. I just took the shroud off a minute ago to put some take around the LEDs and therefore covering them up. However it looks like I could unsolder the LEDs from the PCB and replace them with ones of a different color. They protrude from the board and the PCB labels the polarity of their connections. I was wondering what you guys think about being able to do this, and if it would be possible with perhaps green LEDs to match the fans i recently added to my case.

Here's a picture of the PCB
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  1. just use electrical tape.
  2. its very possible to do this if you are skilled with just gotta figure out what type of LED they use and replace it with the same type color of your choosing....but you gotta be careful its easy to ruin your stuff this way lol
  3. Do you have any idea how I could find out what kind of LED it is?
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    well looking at the pic they dont seem to be any type of weird LED so thats good...its prolly a standard 5mm LED. possibly 8mm (bulb size doesnt really matter what you replace it with it seems to have plenty of room)..the only thing you gotta figure out what voltage is being pumped into the LED....I doubt its 12v prolly like 3.5v or 2v but to figure out what voltage it is you could use a multimeter or if you dont have one laying around you could attach a 12v LED to the leads of the current one and if it glows really bright its 12v if its dim its a lower voltage like 3.5v or something then you could put a lower voltage LED in there....the only thing you gotta worry about is if you put a LED in there that is rated for a lower voltage then what is being put out...if you do that the LED will burn out and may or may not cause other damage
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  6. Thanks man i really appreciate the help, I've got a multimeter laying around somewhere at my Father's house. Then i'll check out radioshack.
    you've been really helpful man thanks a million now i can get rid of the red bleeding through the Green LEDs in my C70
  7. hah no problem bud....after looking at the pic you posted it became clear that this would be a pretty easy job....just be careful not to heat the pcb up too much...when you remove the old LED's cut the lead as close to the LED as possible giving you as much room as you can to work with
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