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Considering new video card, need TDP info (470, 580)

I am going to retire my main rig and break it down, then transfer my dual GTX 470 to my new rig that has dual Xeon, and add in 2 more video cards GTX 580. 470 already have water blocks installed. The new rig with EVGA SR-2 will have water blocks on chipsets and both Xeon CPU.

I am trying to find out about how much heat both GTX 470 and GTX 580 in watts so I can see if I need to get new radiator or not. I tried using Google but it's not helping me with useless information like minimum 550w psu, etc. I don't want PSU (1500w is enough, tyvm) I just want the TDP. Do any of you have TDP info?

EDIT: what are the TDP of SR-2 chipset as well?

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    i suppose you can find those info directly from nvidia side. 244w for 580 and 215 for 470
  2. T!! I didn't think to look at NVidia site. Google must be slipping if I can get the answer I needed from a source other than Google ;)

    Ok so that'd be a total of about 1100w of heat for 2x 470, 2x 580 (all stock speed) and 2x Xeon X5650 overclocked (about 95w each)

    Looks like I'd need fairly large radiator or multiple smaller ones. Would 2x Alphacool UT60 360 be enough? I have some strong Delta fans for pushing air
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