Old system with athlon xp 2000+ capable of upgrading for HTPC app.

I'm looking at trying to set up a old computer up as a Home theater PC. The hardware i have currently is a Asus A7v600 mobo, athon xp 2000+ CPU, with 2 gb ddr3 ram. It's all IDE control with PCI for GPU. Currently it's doesn't do video well (if at all). Is it possible to spend some money on a GPU that will make the CPU perform well enough to run video in a HTPC applicaiton? It's running XP now but i'd probably wipe it and reinstall the XP before deploying it.

Is this something that will work or should i just scrap the idea of using this PC for anything? I use it as my everyday pc now but i don't do a lot of stuff i wish i could like video editing, etc.

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  1. Its kind of a dinosaur, no I don't think it will work very well.

    32 bit, single core CPU, retire it. I have a newer 64 bit Athlon TF-20 in my laptop and even that has trouble with HD videos.

    You can however build a very nice Llano based HTPC for pretty cheap.
  2. According to the specifications of that motherboard, it has an AGP 8x slot and no on-board graphics. If the current AGP card you have installed is not enough for video, then it is time to retire it.

    -Wolf sends
  3. figured. I was hoping i'd be able to through an upgraded GPU into the PCI or AGP slot and get it to play video ok.
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