$800 Gaming System (BF3, etc.) + i2500k

So as the thread title states, a buddy of mine is looking to build a computer TOWER only, no need for any peripherals or OS.

The thing right now is that he wants an i2500k, which means OCing the beast on air most likely. I told him that he'll end up sacrificing for a weaker video card in the build. I told him that it'll be fine since it's much easier just to save up for the graphics card and swap it out in the later.

Requirements (unless convincing otherwise):
$800 Tower only
BF3 sexy settings on 1980x1020 (I guess sexy means over 60fps since most monitors are hung up at 60fps)
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    Instead of the 6870 I'd suggest a 560ti if you can squeeze one into your budget...But then again I'm biased. But my ti runs bf3 very nicely on 1920x1080 solid 60fps with vysnc on on ultra...And a ti can be found on newegg for ten bucks more...
    Never heard of that brand though... Another ten will get you
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  3. Check out the NZXT Source 210, cheap and nicely made case.

    Get a cheaper 6870 as well.

    Use that money saved towards a better mobo.

    No point in buying a 2500K with a H61 mobo since you won't be able to overclock it.

    Downgrade to 2500/2400/23xxP i5 instead or upgrade mobo to p67/z68/z77.

    Asrock has a very affordable z77 mobo out that is nice :D
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